Category: Morning sickness

Toilet talk

I don’t feel well today. I have had a slight cold all week, but today it has taken a turn for the … nauseous. I am bundled up in a cardigan, even though the office is warmish today. I have been existing on crackers… Continue Reading “Toilet talk”

What a thoughtful present

Yup, I now have my own collection of air sickness bags … Thanks, Darling Husband. I’m sure those might come in handy over the upcoming months. I will carry one in my purse when the time comes, because I am super-paranoid and over-prepared — I… Continue Reading “What a thoughtful present”

Pre-preggo morning sickness

I felt awwwwwful this morning. Totally and completely nauseated. There was too much saliva in my mouth — a sure sign of impending pukage. I ate a piece of bread with peanut butter in the car, and sucked back some OJ. I felt better,… Continue Reading “Pre-preggo morning sickness”