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Fresh air saved my life today

Tuesday, October 27, 20098 weeks, 2 days pregnant Two weeks ago, smoothies saved my life. Today it was fresh air’s turn! Darling Husband’s work schedule is totally messing with our routine is extremely frustrating has changed, which means he is no longer able to… Continue Reading “Fresh air saved my life today”

I think this is becoming an issue

Thursday, October 15, 2009 6 WEEKS, 4 DAYS PREGNANT It’s official: zee baby is a fruit addict, and my life now revolves around smoothies. Cold, delicious, fruity, frosty smoothies — slurped up by a straw. Seriously. I’m a junkie, always hunting for a fix.… Continue Reading “I think this is becoming an issue”

A smoothie saved my life today

Wednesday, October 14, 2009 6 WEEKS, 3 DAYS PREGNANT Things eaten on this icky nauseous day: Homemade smoothie Peanut butter sandwich (for breakfast) Rice Krispie square Mac-and-cheese (couldn’t stomach it) Baby carrots (couldn’t stomach them) Another rice Krispie square Smoothie from the food court… Continue Reading “A smoothie saved my life today”

Wordless Wednesday

On nausea …

Monday, October 12, 20096 WEEKS, 1 DAY PREGNANT Things that made me feel nauseous today: Waking up A soft-boiled egg The gross compost bag Turkey leftovers A horrible, disgusting Miracle Whip commercial Everything Things that made me feel better: Ginger Ale Fresh air A… Continue Reading “On nausea …”