Six ways to reduce morning sickness

I’ve got morning sickness on the brain this morning, as I sit here at my desk.
What will it be like to be feeling pukey while supposedly trying to work? Will it be totally hard to hide it from my colleagues? How hard will it hit me?
So to calm my nerves, here is a bit of research for all of us future-preggos …
Vitamin B6: Some doctors say it’s the very best thing you could take for morning sickness — women have been taking it since the 1940s. They suggest taking 50 milligrams, twice a day, and say that the activated form — called P5P — works best. Take the first dose before you get out of bed, and the second dose around lunchtime.
Fish oil: This is often recommended by naturopaths. I haven’t found consistent dosages, so I think if you want to take it, you should check with your doctor. It seems to be tauted as having benefits to do with your baby’s brain, but not much to do with morning sickness …

Ginger: A study showed that 940 milligrams (½ teaspoon) of ginger worked as well for relieving motion sickness as Dramamine. Wow, sign me up. The most effective form is a supplement capsule, and you should take 250 milligrams, four times a day.

Combining plain carbs with protein: Yup, it’s all about the crackers. Except adding cheese, peanut butter or yogurt with those crackers can make you feel even better. One doctor said “The key here is to always have easily digestible food in your stomach,” and women in discussion groups agreed that choking down an egg or two really helped.
Pedialyte: If you’re throwing up a lot, some women drink this to keep from getting too dehydrated. Flat orange pop and Gatorade are also popular.
Chewing gum: The minty flavour helps some women get over their nausea.
If these don’t work, I still have the barf bags as back-up …

So what do you think?

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