Fresh air saved my life today

Tuesday, October 27, 2009
8 weeks, 2 days pregnant

Two weeks ago, smoothies saved my life. Today it was fresh air’s turn!
Darling Husband’s work schedule is totally messing with our routine is extremely frustrating has changed, which means he is no longer able to drive me to work every day. Boo.
I have become content with grudgingly accustomed to taking the bus home from work, but taking it to work was a horrifying idea in my current condition.
Since I feel oh-so-nauseous from the time I wake up until about, oh, 3 p.m., I was worried I would toss cookies while on public transportation — nightmare!
But I have to say, the past two days haven’t been bad at all. Forcing myself to take the 10-minute walk to the bus stop is giving me lots of cold, fresh fall air, which makes me feel better than my usual sit-in-the-passenger-seat-and-moan-to-Darling-Husband routine.
The bus-ride itself isn’t awesome, but so far I’ve always claimed a forward-facing seat. The day I get a sideways-seat is probably the day I blow chunks on the other commuters. Ew.
If that wasn’t enough kudos for good ol’ fresh air, I spent this morning feeling mis-er-a-able (as usual) but had to drag myself out to return some rented gear for my boss. Once again, the icy-crisp fall air made me feel a million times better.
I walked very, very s-l-o-w-l-y because I wanted to stretch out the errand as long as possible, but eventually had to return to the stuffiness that is my office.
I wish I could sit on the sidewalk with my laptop. I’d probably be more productive.

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