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My Husband Rocks Friday: Our Organized Toy Wall

I haven’t done one of these posts in ages (as my husband likes to remind me), but that doesn’t mean he’s been anything less than awesome!   Here is our latest accomplishment — taking items we already had (like an old entertainment unit), wrangling… Continue Reading “My Husband Rocks Friday: Our Organized Toy Wall”

Dear husbands of the world …

Dear husbands of the world … Want to know the secret to a pregnant woman’s heart? And it doesn’t even involve taking her out to a restaurant or bringing home tea biscuits, Snickers bars, and potato chips from the grocery store? OK, I’ll tell… Continue Reading “Dear husbands of the world …”

My Husband Rocks Friday

Dear Darling Husband, I can’t believe it’s gone. I could have seen us living there. I really could. We thought it was our house of dreams, but it wasn’t. Because even though it seemed perfect for us, the dollars and cents were not working… Continue Reading “My Husband Rocks Friday”