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DIY canopy bed with rainbow curtains

“ROY-G-BIV, ROY-G-BIV,” I kept murmuring to myself as I stacked and examined different bolts. “Roy … gee … bivvvvvv.” I was on the hunt for rainbow hues that weren’t straight out of a cartoon. I ended up removing the “I” (indigo) — all of… Continue Reading “DIY canopy bed with rainbow curtains”

Turn one end table into two DIY nightstands

Our youngest had been without a nightstand for all of her three and a half years, and she felt she really needed one for her lamp (which isn’t plugged in) and her light-up spinning Elsa jewellery box (which blasts “Let It Go” when we’re… Continue Reading “Turn one end table into two DIY nightstands”

The gold and white cleaning wall

Sometimes I’ll tackle a DIY project because I think it looks fun or would be pretty in our home, but other times it’s strictly to fix a disastrous area that makes me cringe. The top of our basement stairs? Total wreck, all of the… Continue Reading “The gold and white cleaning wall”