The messy kitchen sink solution

One of my “must-haves” when we bought our house was a window over the kitchen sink. I’d spent years staring straight into cabinet doors in our apartment and our condo, and I wanted a VIEW! I wanted to see something while I was stuck rinsing and washing dishes for what felt like a quarter of my life.

Well, I got my window, but the trouble with brightly-lit areas is that every little imperfection is magnified. The stainless steel sink is usually cloudy and the window ledge is often crumby with soil from the potted cactus.

But the real pain was the scattering of dish soap bottles, plastic pan scrapers, dish cloths and metal drain stoppers (it took me a bit of Googling to find the correct term for those, as I was incorrectly calling them plugs).

I saw pictures on Pinterest of a pretty tiered cake pedestal holding dish washing bric-a-brac, but I didn’t have a cake stand I could sacrifice to the cause (since mine flips over and doubles as my punch bowl).

So I went hunting through a home goods store to find a cake pedestal for a good price. I fell in love with a scalloped white one that was $25, but settled on a smaller colourful one for $8.

Confession time! It was a little awkward when the cashier gushed about how pretty the colours were and I blurted out that I was going to spray-paint it white. “Oh,” she replied, pausing for a second. “That’s … interesting.” Indeed. If I ever write a book about my projects, it will be called Things I Have Painted White and Other DIY Adventures.

Once I had the (ugly) cake pedestal safely at home, I started experimenting with different dishes and glasses to see how I could make a tiered stand …

Continue reading in my weekly DIY column, My Handmade Home …


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