Windsor chair makeover

Believe it or not, this was a project three years in the making — and the results aren’t even that impressive!

A family friend gifted us their old dining room table, chairs and hutch when we moved into our house four years ago. It was a huge upgrade from the patio-esque glass and iron table we’d used in our Bedford condo, and the table came with two leaves so we could extend it for company. We were thrilled! The trouble was … there were only four chairs.

My sister-in-law offered us the old Windsor chairs she was storing in her basement, and we gladly accepted. After all, chairs are chairs, right? Oh wait — they’re forest green? *gulp*

And thus began a three-year journey to bringing the chairs to a point of acceptance.

The first step was taking a good, long look at these chairs and deciding what to do about their forest green-ness. It had to go — but how? Did we sand down to the bare wood and restain them to match the table? I would have done that now, but we were early in our DIY career. Did we scratch the blue and white colour scheme on our main level and embrace forest green and dusty rose like it was 1993 again? Um, no, not that last one.

We decided painting only the legs and spindles would be the easiest option, but oh, do I wish we could go back in time and warn ourselves, Back to the Future style.

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