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I ordered a rug and now I’m freaking out

After what feels like years of pining after rugs and not being able to pull the trigger, I did it. I used birthday money + a healthy PayPal balance to buy this Verona Blue Area Rug on Wayfair. Isn’t she gorgeous? Yes, I jumped… Continue Reading “I ordered a rug and now I’m freaking out”

Creative storage nooks & crannies

As a journalist, I write a lot of stories. One of the best ways to guarantee you’re writing about something that interests you is to pitch stories, but I rarely have the time to sit down and drum up ideas. It’s all I can… Continue Reading “Creative storage nooks & crannies”

Transfer letters without stenciling

Put down your coffee cup, because this is officially your cue to turn to the person next to you and say “Um, did she really need to label the door to her powder room?” Nope, but I wanted to! That wasn’t my plan all… Continue Reading “Transfer letters without stenciling”