The gold and white cleaning wall

Sometimes I’ll tackle a DIY project because I think it looks fun or would be pretty in our home, but other times it’s strictly to fix a disastrous area that makes me cringe.

The top of our basement stairs? Total wreck, all of the time. I’d hung a set of hooks in an attempt to organize it, but it just allowed us to pile more junk onto them. Plastic bags, the broom, the dustpan, aprons, cans to be recycled, papers that needed to be filed, dishcloths to be washed — it was depressing to walk past the stairwell.

It needed to be completely redone. I removed the hooks, patched the holes, and painted the wall with white untinted paint leftover from another project. I hadn’t decided exactly what I was going to do, but I knew it needed to be bright and pretty — the opposite of what it had always been!

I went out to buy hooks and also bought wooden letters on a whim because wooden letters are always a good idea. A plan was taking shape, and it involved pops of warm gold against all of that white. I took everything out to the shed and sprayed the pieces with a champagne-y gold shade (Krylon Metallic in “Gold”).

As is always the case with spray-painting, I wanted to keep going.

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