Transfer letters without stencilling

Put down your coffee cup, because this is officially your cue to turn to the person next to you and say “Um, did she really need to label the door to her powder room?”

Nope, but I wanted to!

That wasn’t my plan all along, though. It just kind of happened. I was planning out an upcoming DIY project and came across a tutorial that promised to be “the easiest way EVER” to transfer letters without stencilling.

Now, I have transferred a lot of letters over the years. Sometimes I’ve painstakingly done it the ‘right’ way — cutting them out, tracing them on the finished product, and then painting them. But usually I chose hand-lettering because I couldn’t be bothered to spend all that time cutting around the delicate details of a serif uppercase “A.”

But this new method really is the easiest thing ever …

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