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Bar cart? Nah, how about a tea cart?

So Chairish inspired me to style one of their awesome bar carts, and I was flattered because I’m not really a mood board person — let alone a maker of mood boards that could be considered share-worthy! (I’m more of a pin-lots-of-ideas and run-madly-to-the-store-on-a-whim kind… Continue Reading “Bar cart? Nah, how about a tea cart?”

Build your own slide-out pantry

You never hear anyone say “Oh, I have so much cabinet space, and I really don’t know what to do with these empty drawers.” That’s because canned goods multiply when we’re not looking, and packages of spaghetti are procreating faster than we can go… Continue Reading “Build your own slide-out pantry”

The meal-planning system of the insane

Remember when I got the insane idea to designate each day of the week for a specific cuisine? Well, not only did I do it — and stick to it — but it’s become kind of LAW in this house. Behold! Mexican Monday Homestyle… Continue Reading “The meal-planning system of the insane”