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Pinterest Challenge: Vintage growth chart

It’s Pinterest Challenge time again! That special time when the blogosphere steps back, examines our (many many) pins, and decides to bring a few of them to life.  (Here’s what I did in the summer challenge). ************* Updated on Dec. 27, 2014: Thanks for… Continue Reading “Pinterest Challenge: Vintage growth chart”

DIY wooden growth chart

Growing up, my mom always tracked our height on the trim of the kitchen doorway. Over the years, the pencil ticks turned into pen marks — and even the occasional marker scrawl — as we measured each other, our friends, and next-door neighbours. That… Continue Reading “DIY wooden growth chart”

When Pinterest-ing with your toddler, things gets messy

I saw a super-cute idea on Pinterest to try with D. The photo showed the little boy happily dropping colours onto a pan of baking soda. Hey, do you follow me on Pinterest? You should! Anyway, it seemed like such a cute activity for… Continue Reading “When Pinterest-ing with your toddler, things gets messy”