The meal-planning system of the insane

Remember when I got the insane idea to designate each day of the week for a specific cuisine? Well, not only did I do it — and stick to it — but it’s become kind of LAW in this house.
Mexican Monday
Homestyle Tuesday
Sandwich Wednesday
BBQ Thursday

Pizza Friday

Pasta Saturday
Slowcooker Sunday 
All photos stolen from my Instagram feed (laptops2lullabies)

I know a lot of people think it’s ridiculous, but it’s really worked for us. We don’t have those long drawn-out (annoying) conversations about what we’re going to eat that week. It’s super-simple. Going to the grocery store? OK, what are we having for the given day, and the few days after that? Not much thought required!
The system has also kept us from getting sick of certain cuisines by having them a few times in the same week. We used to eat Mexican food a couple of times a week, and we felt sick of it sometimes, but eh, what are you going to do? Now, it’s like “Ooh, it’s Monday — tacos tonight!”
I will admit two of the days aren’t working out too well — Sandwich Wednesday and Slowcooker Sunday. Sandwich Wednesday often winds up being Fish Stick Wednesday or Frozen Chicken Finger Wednesday, because … sandwiches? … for dinner? … is apparently not my style. Sometimes we have wraps, but other days it turns into sort of a freebie night. I have thought about switching it to “Wildcard Wednesday,” but that might be too stimulating.
And because I use the slowcooker on other days, too, it seems like I usually run out of steam by Sunday. It also usually turns into a “whatever’s easy” day, or we eat leftover pizza and pasta from the two previous days.
I like the idea of incorporating an international night somewhere into the mix, where I could make moussaka or … hmmm, will have to think of more international foods before I delve further into that one! (I’m a sheltered eater, remember, who has never tried sushi and has only eaten Thai food once) 
So what do you think of my system? Insane or genius? Maybe a bit of both? 
All I know is — God bless Instagram for being there to document it. #hashtaglover

3 Comments on “The meal-planning system of the insane

  1. What I'm curious to know is if there are any meals you'd like to have or make that don't really fit into any of the categories? Maybe this would all be a moot point with Wildcard Wednesdays? 😉


  2. I saw this link posted on a mommies group & its working for us! A great idea! I went with our go to meals to keep it flexible… Although I'm guilty of switching nights based on my mood… We have pizza night, pasta night, rice night, potato night, argentinian night( think steak salad etc) slowcooker night, and leftover/ frozen meal/ restaurant night (aka easy night)… The beauty of basing the meals on the carby side is I can use whatever meat is on sale and veggies in season to cut costs & mix things up.
    Thanks for the idea! – Monique


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