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10 things I love about you

An ode to my dream craft room (which I will have someday) … 1. It is painted a bright, cheery pink … possibly with an orange or yellow accent wall … 2. It has a worktable built into the wall, that stretches around the entire perimeter… Continue Reading “10 things I love about you”

Home on the range

Well, I’m back, dear readers. No, I did not jump out of my office window yesterday — although yeah, I was damn close. I was completely weary by the time I made it home with Darling Husband yesterday evening. While we made spinach salad… Continue Reading “Home on the range”

Space-saving nursery tricks

Hooray! I have finally made some progress in my ongoing quest to figure out how to fit baby-gear into our small place. Caught an episode of The Mom Show the other day — love that show, and have for the last couple of years —… Continue Reading “Space-saving nursery tricks”

Room to move

What sane woman doesn’t like to think about decorating a nursery? Really? It’s one of the most flippin’ fun things out there. One of the main reasons I plan on finding out the boy/girl situation is so I know how to decorate! Will the… Continue Reading “Room to move”