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The universe is kicking my ass

Last week, in a fit of “living-like-there’s-no-tomorrow” and “all-we-do-is-work-and-we-never-do-anything-fun,” I took action. Yup, I threw caution to the wind and booked a little birthday mini-trip with Darling Husband. We are not — I repeat, not — spontaneous people. We are “let’s-plan-for-months-and-agonize-over-whether-or-not-we-can-afford-it” people. To just… Continue Reading “The universe is kicking my ass”

Living like there’s no tomorrow

On the drive to work this morning, our fave radio station was discussing people who are unhappy with their jobs. One announcer said they actually wanted to punch people who seemed to be feeling dreary at work, and a caller chimed in to say… Continue Reading “Living like there’s no tomorrow”

My husband rocks

Dear Darling Husband, I am blown away. You just completely surprised me!  In the middle of my chaotic afternoon, you strolled into my office, holding coffee, tea, and chocolate-chip cookies. You were able to stay and visit with me for 20 minutes before dashing… Continue Reading “My husband rocks”