Why (and how) I bring my kids to my Zumba classes

I started noticing something at my Zumba classes lately. There really weren’t many people like me — as in, “30-something parents of young children.” Some of them make rare appearances, but no one comes consistently.

I’m always asking friends to come to class with me. I’m sure they’d love the great music and the disco lights — plus, of course, getting a full workout while dancing like nobody’s watching. (The great thing about Zumba class is that nobody IS watching anybody else, because we’re all focused on the instructor.)

Oh yes, they assure me, they would definitely love to go.

“It sounds so fun!”

“It would be great to exercise again!”

“I’ve always wanted to try it!”

“I’m soooo out of shape and need to do something!”

But no one comes.

Their kid has dance, or hockey, or Brownies, or swimming lessons every night. Their spouse isn’t home from work until much later. They don’t feel comfortable letting their eldest babysit yet. It’s the time they usually have dinner.

It’s not that I don’t understand their reasons. I do. It’s just that there are ways to work around them …

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C and D, age two and four, hanging at the back of the room during a Zumba class.
Why I bring my kids to Zumba with me (and how I make it work for all of us) {Heather's Handmade Life}
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