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That elusive balance

This has been kind of a rough week.  I spent most of the day thinking that I was much, much busier than last week, but a quick check of my calendar shows that, no, I was this busy last week. And the week before.… Continue Reading “That elusive balance”

A Tale of Two Leggings

SCENE: This morning at our house BACK STORY: Little D (age three) attends a weekly gymnastics class for three- to five-year-olds (yes, at the same place where I put myself through gymnasticky torture of the adult variety).  Anyway, they have a lot of rules… Continue Reading “A Tale of Two Leggings”

Love Day / Love this day

Six years ago today, Darling Husband popped the question! Valentine’s Day at our house means … Dressing C in the red “All you need is love and naps” onesie that D wore on *his* very first Valentine’s Day  Dressing D in an ugly-but-appropriate Valentine-y… Continue Reading “Love Day / Love this day”