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I hate admitting this, but …

It might be happening. I might be caving. MIGHT! Regular readers are all VERY AWARE of Baby Boy’s atrocious sleep habits — still up three (sometimes four) times a night, and he is *gulp* almost nine months old. Because he’s a cloth-diapered babe, I do need… Continue Reading “I hate admitting this, but …”


I just realized that I don’t think I ever really blogged about how we’re liking our cloth wipes. And, really, what is more fascinating than a post about POO-WIPING RAGS? Not much, right? I’ve talked before about how we *heart, heart, HEART* our cloth… Continue Reading “Wiped!”

The road to sweet dreams

When I did my “Day in the life” post, the evening part wasn’t really reflective of a typical day around here. Darling Husband works most evenings, and he happened to be home that night, so it wasn’t the usual way I go about putting… Continue Reading “The road to sweet dreams”