The scoop (the poop?) on cloth diapers

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

24 weeks, 2 days pregnant
So Darling Husband and I will be cloth-diapering Baby Boy …
*dramatic pause*
… C’mon, somebody is going to argue with that, right? I decided that cloth diapers were the way to go more than a year ago — yup, Laptops to Lullabies has been around that long, peeps! — and since then, I have gotten a lot of snickers, raised eyebrows, and outright mocking about our decision to use cloth.
But I have held my ground, done my research, examined the options, and have even started stocking up on cloth diapers.

Luckily, I have had a virtual ally in Amalah over She has used cloth diapers on her two sons, and has written several awesome posts all about cloth diapers.
I’ve compiled some of her best tips and advice, and arranged them so we, the cloth-diapering pioneers, can use them as retorts to all of the non-believers:
For people who say cloth diapers leak:
For people who think you have to soak dirty diapers in the toilet (like the olden days):
  • For breastfed poops, you don’t even have to rinse off the diapers before putting them in your pail. Seriously. Amalah says “It’s like washing mustard-coloured water.”
  • When the poops become more solid (when they’re eating solid food), you can always use flushable liners if rinsing the diapers grosses you out.
  • Or you can use a plastic spatula to get it off.
  • OR you can use a diaper sprayer that hooks up to the toilet. Awesomeness.
For people who say your nursery will reek of dirty cloth diapers:
  • Storing your cloth diapers in a dry pail is the best.
  • It can even be a garbage can — anything with a tight lid and a liner.
  • Remember that you will have already shaken the poo into the toilet, before storing the diaper. So really, your nursery should smell less than a nursery with a reeking Diaper Genie full of pooey disposables.
  • If you have a washer/dryer in your place, it’s actually more convenient to put on a load of laundry than running garbage bags outside.
For people who say the diapers will be permanently stained:
  • Charlie’s Soap is apparently the BEST soap to use on your cloth diapers. It’s all-natural but gets the diapers very clean.
  • If the microfiber inserts get a bit stained over time, you can wash them separately with a tiny bit of bleach. Your baby will not grown horns.
Thanks to Amalah’s tips and advice, I am totally confident with the decision! We have eight diapers so far, and I spent last night playing around with the snaps and velcro tabs. I was thrilled to hear that they make the same crinkly pat-pat sound as disposables when you pat the little butts. Adorable!

So what do you think?

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