Five things about having two kids in cloth diapers

  1. You are very, very, very grateful to stop buying tiny disposables for your newborn. Do you know how many diapers they go through in a day? #holycrapalot!
  2. When you wash a load of diapers, it somehow feels more rewarding to have more diapers in the load.
  3. Getting to finally have a baby wear the cute GIRLY colours and prints? Best ever!
  4. If you have one-size diapers (that adjust from 8-35 lbs), your kids can share all of the diapers — meaning you can throw a few unisex colours in your diaper bag, and not worry about who might need to wear them.
  5. You get the enjoyment of shocking people who think it must be sooo much work (“Two kids in cloth diapers OMGGG!”) when, really, the small amount of work makes up for the cost it would be to have two in disposables (“Two kids in disposables OMG CHA-CHING!”)

So what do you think?

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