Not Me Monday: Diaper rash edition

  • I was not totally smug about Baby Boy never really having a diaper rash. Except THAT ONE TIME he was teething, and it was no biggie, because like, he’s cloth-diapered, and they don’t really GET rashes, so, yeah …
  • My smugness did not totally come back to haunt me when Baby Boy got a wicked-awful diaper rash last week (though he wassssss in disposables, so … maybe I remain smug about the cloth diapers?)
  • When I took over Baby Boy’s diaper to let him “get some air” while running around my mom’s living room, I definitely did not giggle when he squatted like a bear in the woods and peed AND pooed on her carpet
  • I would never embarrass my son on the internet by describing it as … a messy poo
  • Also, I did not laugh at Darling Husband, who was (unreasonably) frantic at the accident
  • Definitely did not tell him how many times Baby Boy peed on our own carpet
  • When Baby Boy’s poor bum looked worse, I was the model of decorum, and never said anything insulting like “Eww! It’s like ZITS in his BUM CRACK!”
  • I did not almost puke when Googling for a photo for his post (avert your eyesssssss!)

2 Comments on “Not Me Monday: Diaper rash edition

  1. J's been diapered in disposables since birth and hasn't had any diaper rash … so I don't think you can blame the diapers! Maybe it's more teething?


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