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Is it really that obvious?

SCENE: Mom’s kitchen. Sunday evening. ME: It’s so cute! Little Dog actually thinks she’s a bear cub. Sometimes I called her “Brown Bear,” and I tell her that I found her in the woods and she was lost. And then I tell her that I… Continue Reading “Is it really that obvious?”

Spotted across a crowded living room

I saw a baby last night … I was at an extended-family gathering. She belonged to someone I didn’t know — a relative of Darling Husband’s brother-in-law — and I didn’t even catch her name, let alone hold her. But I watched her, from… Continue Reading “Spotted across a crowded living room”

The office visit

My colleague’s wife had a baby about six months ago. Occassionally, she will come by to pick him up for lunch, and bring the baby with her. This baby is beyond adorable.The office visit is super-fun for her proud parents, but what about the baby-less… Continue Reading “The office visit”

Mom … how do I say this?

I am finally starting to talk about my tentative pregnancy plan in public, but … yes, there is a “but.” I am scared to tell my mother about wanting to get pregnant.

A tentative plan

It is an interesting thing, trying to figure out the best time to get preggo. You have to think about your job, finances, whether you are ready, etc.  But it is also interesting to figure out when is the best time to actually have… Continue Reading “A tentative plan”