Mom … how do I say this?

Darling Husband e-mailed me from work yesterday afternoon and said his family members are literally placing bets that we will have an April baby … yeah, exactly nine months after the Necessary Hold-off/a.k.a My Best Friend’s Wedding.
They’re not stupid.
I am finally starting to talk about my tentative plan in public … like in my real life. Have told select friends about the blog, and everyone is excited for us. It feels good to talk about something that is consuming my mind lately!
But … yes, there is a “but.”

I am scared to tell my mother.

There, I said it.

You see, throughout my life, she has always been telling me I’m too young for things. I wasn’t allowed to date until embarassingly late in my teens. She always told me I should be at least 28 before getting married, etc., etc.
When Darling Husband — well, Darling Boyfriend — proposed when I was 23, she was stunned. I mean, she was happy about it, but only relaxed after we promised a two-year engagement.
After we were married, Mom explained that if she had readily approved of a wedding at 25, we might have married at 21. So by insisting I was 28, I got married at 24 — which she agreed was actually a reasonable age.
She’s crafty, my mom.
So you can see why I’m a little worried about what she will think of our plan. I know she will be happy when it happens — like with our engagement — but until then, she will try to persuade me to wait.
I have been dropping hints, and I think she is purposely not responding to them — and not totally comfortable with the idea of her baby having a baby. And I feel like a total sneak for telling my friends before telling my own mother.
Perhaps I could get Darling Husband’s family to invite her into their baby-betting pool … and hope she doesn’t put her money on April 2015!

So what do you think?

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