Spotted across a crowded living room

I saw a baby last night …

I was at an extended-family gathering. She belonged to someone I didn’t know — a relative of Darling Husband’s brother-in-law — and I didn’t even catch her name, let alone hold her.

But I watched her, from across the room, where I chatted with Sis-in-law. She wore a pale pink sleeper and had a fuzzy pink blanket that she kept rubbing against her cheek. 

While I ate my slice of birthday cake, I spied on her as her mother played with her. She had a little laugh, just like a Baby Alive doll — apparently those dolls do sound like the real deal. She would squeal and kick as her mother poked her in the tummy.
I have heard people say that one day they wake up, and it’s like a slap in the face — they want a baby. Like, NOW.
Is it normal that I feel like I am slapped in the face every day??? Will this continue until I get one of my own???

So what do you think?

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