The office visit

My colleague’s wife had a baby about six months ago. Occassionally, she will come by to pick him up for lunch, and bring the baby with her.

This baby is beyond adorable.The office visit is super-fun for her proud parents, but what about the baby-less colleagues? Torture, because you want her for yourself!

They brought her in just now, like five minutes ago, and I almost died. Pink dress, pink headband, white tights with sew-on Mary Janes. It could not have been a more “me” outfit.
They stopped by my office and plunked her into my arms. She was precious, and kept patting my face and my hair.
“Aww, does it make you clucky?” my colleague asked in his uber-charming accent. “You know, make you want to have one?”
I just smiled and agreed that yes, it definitely does. Then handed Baby back, before I bolted with her  🙂

So what do you think?

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