A tentative plan

It is an interesting thing, trying to figure out the best time to get preggo. You have to think about your job, finances, whether you are ready, etc. 

But it is also interesting to figure out when is the best time to actually have the baby. You have to think about when are the worst months to be pregnant, when you want your baby’s birthday to be, etc.
Since I have sworn not to get knocked up before a certain date in July, Darling Husband and I have been toying with the idea of trying in August.
Oh, and by “Darling Husband and I,” I mean I have been sweetly suggesting it, and he has not run from the room.
  • August — Conception / First trimester
  • September — First trimester
  • October — First trimester
  • November — Start of second trimester
  • December — Second trimester
  • January — Second trimester
  • February — Start of third trimester
  • March — Third trimester
  • April — Third trimester / Birth!
Hmmm. Seems to work. I would miss the hottest days of summer — when my mother was pregnant with me, and says it was miserable. I would be a nice rounded shape by Christmas — nice for photos — but not too grossly huge yet. And our baby would have a nice spring birthday. They wouldn’t be the oldest in their class, but they also wouldn’t be the youngest.
Now of course, I probably won’t get pregnant the first month of trying, so even if we push the schedule to September or October, it still works …
  • October — Conception / First trimester
  • November — First trimester
  • December — First trimester
  • January — Start of second trimester
  • February — Second trimester
  • March — Second trimester
  • April — Start of third trimester
  • May — Third trimester
  • June — Third trimester / Birth!
June would also be a nice month for a birthday. I was also born in the summer, and enjoyed that I was the same age for a whole school year. It makes things easier when you can think, “Eight years old … Grade 3,” in an instant. Is it weird that I like that kind of simplicity?
Things get iffy-er if it gets pushed until November or December — that means a July or August birth, and I am not someone who does well in the heat. I get crabbier and bitchier than usual, and that is without carrying around God-knows-how-much extra weight.
But can you really plan these things? I mean, things looks great on paper. But am I trying to over-plan? Am I putting too much pressure on the timing? 
OK, new vow: to think about this schedule, but not to obsess over sticking to this schedule …
… Yeah, who am I kidding? Obessing! 

So what do you think?

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