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Not Me Monday: Pink fever edition

I have not been experiencing EXTREME baby girl pangs lately I don’t dream of little leggings and tights and Mary Janes — I can take them or leave them, really The idea of sewing tiny dresses with ruffles and buttons? Doesn’t appeal to me… Continue Reading “Not Me Monday: Pink fever edition”

The sparkly Mary-Janes

I saw these baby shoes in a store the other day. They are sparkly. They are metallic. They are Mary-Janes (my favourite shoe style for, like, my entire 27 years on this planet). I didn’t buy them, even though it just about killed me. It… Continue Reading “The sparkly Mary-Janes”

Two years later …

I can’t believe it was exactly two years ago — January 1, 2009 — that I wrote my very first post on this blog. I was obsessed — OBSESSED! — with getting pregnant and starting a family. I started this blog, in fact, because I desperately… Continue Reading “Two years later …”