What does it take?

I didn’t want to become one of those people who stress out over conceiving.

So of course, I have become one of those people.
Two months. Only two months and already it is stressing me out. I thought it was supposed to take six months before people got anxious. Apparently not.
When I really think about it, conceiving is very complicated. You have to do it at the right time — and usually you’re not totally certain when it is the right time — and hope that his doodads swim all the way to your hooha, and that electric spark happens — you know, the one they show in all of the movies? That’s a lot of science!
And yet, some people just fool around — with no regard for FDLPs or ovulation or position or leg-cycling-afterward — and poof! Pregnant.
Did those people just magically happen to do it during the “good time” window? Do some people really need to follow all of the instructions, or else they would have no chance? Are some people just more naturally susceptible to getting knocked up?
More importantly, which one am I?

2 Comments on “What does it take?

  1. I hear ya! I see those people on Maury Pauvich and it makes me so mad. Here I am, married, financially stable, emotionally semi-stable, and ready to conceive and yet…nothing. They seem to lay down near a guy that carries a gun and has gotten 20 other women pregnant, and BAM – BABY. I don't get it.


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