Good girl gone bad

First two weeks of July (when I could have been pregnant but wasn’t):
  • I cut waaaaay back on my beloved Caffeine-free Diet Coke. I went entire days without having any — don’t snicker, this is progress — and when I did have it, I limited myself to half a can.
  • I did not take pills for headache, allergies, or anything else that crept up — and normally I would pop pills immediately.
  • I avoided fish, drinking, smoking and trampolines — you know, because I usually do.
  • I was extra-careful about getting enough calcium and Vitamin C.
  • I switched to caffeine-free tea — and tossed all of my regular stuff, so I wasn’t tempted to have an eye-opener.
Last couple of weeks (after the disappointment of finding out I was not pregnant):
  • Diet Coke? Glug, glug, glug with no guilt.
  • Feel sniffly? Have a headache? Where are those pills?
  • Drank Mike’s Pink Lemonade. Still avoided smoking, fish, and trampolines, but that isn’t really saying much.
  • Milk and juice? Yeah, sure, I’ll have some … once I have another Diet Coke.
  • Sometimes I need regular tea to wake up. I’m sleepy!
Now, as we get closer to T-time (trying time), I’m officially choosing today to get back into that super-strict mode.
… OK, maybe tomorrow.

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