Easy toddler craft: Valentine’s Day wreath

I don’t have much time for crafting these days (understatement of the millennium, right Moms?) but I really wanted to do SOMETHING new for the front door — which has been bare and wreath-less since the Christmas thingy dried up and got tossed.
So I put Baby C down for a nap, grabbed this shiny-wood (straw?) wreath that I’ve had in my craft closet for ages, took a ball of white yarn (also hoarded for no apparent reason) and my container of foam sheets. Then D and I settled on the basement floor to put together a Valentine’s Day wreath.
Here’s what we did …
Sad little wreath with zero personality
I tied a knot around one part of the wreath, and started looping! (Lots and LOTS of looping) D and I sang “Jingle Bells” during this part — yes, it is February as I write this. I’m not sure why, but he kept requesting it. 
Things got tangle-y a few times, and I had to cut my losses (literally), re-tie a piece of yarn to the old piece, and keep going. So there are a few bumpy knots here and there.

Then D helpfully handed me sheets of foam, and I cut out hearts in the exact spots he requested.
We placed the hearts around the wreath (he handed them to me, I placed them) …

… and used a leftover scrap of red ribbon to hold everything on. (D abandoned me at this point and began a new craft of gluing foam letters onto cardstock)
It felt unfinished, so I quickly cut a pink foam heart and tied it on with another scrap of thicker red ribbon. Much better!
I grabbed a zip-tie from the tool bins in the basement and secured it to our door-knocker — strong Canadian winds require zip-ties, not pretty wreath-hangers!

It held up even in this weekend’s blizzard conditions. Woohoo, zip-ties!

 In about 45 minutes, D and I put together this cheerful little wreath — and we even had time to hang it before his baby sis woke up from her nap.

Once Valentine’s Day is over, we’ll probably take off the hearts and ribbon and re-use the white-covered wreath for something different. Maybe a St. Patrick’s Day wreath is in order?

If I ask D his opinion, of course, we’ll probably be making a “Dinosaur Train” wreath!

Happy crafting!

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