Quitting time

It’s been a tiring kind of week around here, and work has gotten in the way of bloggy-blogging. 
Now it’s 4:30 on Friday and I JUST NOW FINISHED a crap-ton of freelance work, and — even though I have a lot left to do early next week — I’m calling it quits for the day. No more computers! At least for today! My eyes are blinky and my hands are getting crampy.
I do have a ton of topics I want to cover here, like the fascinating (no, really!) journey of toilet-training D, and how Baby C is sleeping, and all sorts of insight onto being a second-time mom. I’m also working on a much-requested post on how I get both kids to nap at the same time every day (I’m magic?), as well as some photos of the house! I put house photos up here occasionally  but I want to do a section where y’all can see more of it. We interwebz people love seeing house photos, don’t we? And they’re darn pinnable, too!
(Speaking of Pinterest, I got Little Sis hooked like maddddddd and now I feel very proud of myself. My apologies to her future law clients someday, because I’m sure this is having a profound effect on her studies.)
So in place of one of the awesome posts I’m writing in my head (where nobody can see it — yet!) let me leave you with these lovely photos of D’s recent nap-time escapades. Nobody destroys a bedroom like a two-year-old who doesn’t want to nap, let me tell you!



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