Countdown to the big 3-0

Yesterday was Little Sis’s birthday (25!) and we’re exactly four years, six months, and one day apart. This means that the day after her birthday always marks the “halfway to MY birthday” point.

And this year? I’ll be turning … 30 …

Poor Darling Husband turned 31 in November, so for more than a year now, I’ve had a pretty good time chirping about how I’m still in my twenties. He’s a year and 10 months older than me, which pleases me to no end.

I’ve also relished the fact that as Little Sis gets further into her twenties, she’s been “catching up” with me. Now that she’s 25 and I’m 29, we’re practically the same age. We’re like equals! That doesn’t really appeal to her, because of course 25 is quite a grown-up age — and I’m supposed to be the grown-up sister, while she is the swishy-haired, youthful sister who goes out past 7 p.m.

Now that I’m on the downward slope to the big 3-0, I’m getting a taste of my own medicine. There is already a lot of talk about my milestone birthday. Party talk, but also OMG HEATHER IS GOING TO BE SO OLD talk.

Now I’m wondering if I should be making some sort of bucket list to complete while I’m still in my twenties? I know 40 is supposed to be the new 30, but 30 certainly isn’t the new 20, so … maybe a few items should be checked off my list?

The trouble is, I feel like I’m already in my thirties.

I’ve been married for almost five years (and I’ve been with Darling Husband for almost 13). I have two children. I drive a minivan (that I freakin’ love). I basically wear one pair of boots all winter and one pair of mom-sandals all summer. I don’t get IDed at the liquor store (which is devastating — Darling Husband consoles me by saying it’s because I have a wedding ring on, and possibly a baby or two in tow, but I don’t buy that). I never go to bars. Or drink. Or dance. My life is basically Footloose, guys.

I will have to think about a couple of fun things to do while I’m still a wild and crazy twenty-something. You know, before I become a lame 30-year-old.

Any ideas for me?

6 Comments on “Countdown to the big 3-0

  1. As your still-much-younger sister, I have MANY ideas.
    And on your bucket list should be to have a big 30 birthday bash!!


  2. That's sweet, Sissy. I don't know what kind of party I would have, though? I think it would either need to be a kid-friendly party or a girlfriends-only party, because it's hard for a lot of people to get babysitters. Hmmmm.


  3. If 40s the new 30 but 30s not the new 20, let's say 30 is the new 25. So I say, you don't need a bucket list yet! Unless you want one 🙂


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