Trimester smack-down

From comparing my week-by-week updates from this pregnancy and my last pregnancy, I’ve definitely noticed that I’m experiencing all the same symptoms — and at the exact same times.

I had heard that boy-pregnancies and girl-pregnancies were supposedly really different, but I haven’t found that they’re too different.

The only real differences have been in my morning sickness, my chunkiness, and my energy levels. My morning sickness could have been worse this time because I’m having a girl, OR it could have just FELT worse because I was also chasing my toddler.

So now I present … my very scientific breakdown of first and second pregnancies:

First trimester:

Baby #1:

  • I got chunky immediately
  • I felt sick all the time
  • I was tired all the time

Baby #2:

  • I got VERY chunky immediately
  • I felt VERY sick all the time
  • I was not quite as tired

Second trimester:

Baby #1:

  • I continued to get massively chunky
  • The fat reached every part of me (face, arms, butt, legs, etc.)
  • I had lots of energy

Baby #2:

  • I was not nearly as chunky
  • The fat seems to be mostly contained to my stomach (no back fat!)
  • I did not have as much energy

The third trimester begins tomorrow (eek!) so we’ll see what happens there. My predictions? I achieve the same grunty too-big-to-be-comfortable-EVER status that I had last time. Good times, eh?

2 Comments on “Trimester smack-down

  1. You are beautiful…..not chunky! 🙂 thanks for the Playdate with baby J, toddler, and very consistent baby bump 😉 Here's to the 3rd trimester…yay!!!


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