Not Me Monday

I have definitely not eaten an entire family-sized box of Rice Krispies MYSELF in less than two weeks. I mean, that kind of dedication would require twice-daily heaping bowls, and I just wouldn’t do that.

I did not secretly cut off the tag of Darling Husband’s Christmas gift jeans when I hemmed them last night, so he wouldn’t see that his sister bought him a pair of “slim fit” — making him automatically convinced they would be too tight.

I have not felt the urge to yell, “Take a drink of WATER, childdddd!” to the toddler in the next room who has been coughing every 10 seconds since 6:30 a.m. No, not me.

One Comment on “Not Me Monday

  1. Love the second one, haha! It's like the time I put store-brand syrup in the Aunt Jemima bottle because Husband was sure he could only eat the expensive stuff. And he totally didn't know the difference!


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