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Weekly re-cap of pregnancy #2: Week 38

Week 38 (April 14-20) Symptoms: Back pain, heartburn, Braxton Hicks contractions, teary hormonal outbursts, minor ankle swelling but major leg pain. Oh, and a healthy dose of “I’m so effing done!” Body changes: I have no concept of if my stomach got any bigger….

I am 262 1,203 days pregnant, and therefore capable of only writing in bullet points

I can’t believe I have my final doctor’s appointment today! My C-section is ONE WEEK from TOMORROW! Eight days, eight days, eight days! I have been technically pregnant since JULY! Woah! Do you think today will be the day they actually TELL ME SOMETHING?…

The full-term itch

No, I’m not talking about a physical itch (luckily). I’m talking about that itchy feeling you get when you reach full-term status. That’s what I’m going through right now, and it … is not fun. In the past few days, whenever I watch TV…