Weekly re-cap

(May 16 to May 22)

Belly button: In for keeps.
Stretch marks: I thought I was in the clear, but I finally got a few purple-ish streaks on the underside of my belly. Damn!

Baby movement: There definitely isn’t room for him to move around much, so I’m just getting different body parts pressing hard against my skin (knees, feet, butt, etc.). This child is enormous, I am telling you.
What’s new? Tried out two Mom/Baby activities this week (swimming and a movie). It gives me hope that I’ll get some socializing in, once Baby Boy is here.

Energy level: Low. I’m getting as much sleep as possible (sometimes 9 or 10 hours), since everyone says that’s the best thing to do before the baby arrives, but the aching always wakes me up. Owwww, limbs.

Baby preparations: Birth announcements are addressed. I wish I was a psychic so I could print out the actual announcements in advance, too …
Cravings: Just snack-y stuff, since my body is all, “Meals! Ew!” lately. I think I forget what it’s like to have a stomach that actually fits comfortably inside you.
High point: Going to Mom/Baby swimming and the Mom/Baby movie with lovely friend C, and having a girly movie night with lovely friend A. It made me realize that my all-consuming loneliness during the first week of maternity leave is something that must be avoided during this year that I’m off work. I need to actively make plans with friends on a regular basis, to have fun and keep from going insaaaaaane.

Low point: Desperation to go into labour, since Baby was officially full-term as of last Sunday. I have spent much of the week Googling “early labour signs” and “ways to induce labour,” and basically obsessing over every possible symptom. I know — somewhere in the back of my brain, in the part that used to be smart — that I still technically have two weeks to go, but the irrational (pregnant) part of my brain is screaming that I’m SO DONE, SO READY, LET’S GO!

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