Weekly re-cap

(Jan. 24 to Jan. 30)

Symptoms: Some round ligament pain, from getting bigger by the day. Severe pregnancy brain. Sinus weirdness seems to be getting better, while the C-word seems to get worse every week. Moaning and groaning when I get up/roll over is still in full swing. It’s also much harder to bend down and scoop up Little Dog’s poo during her walks — but I am not resorting to a lame shovel!

Body changes: Belly getting bigger (duh). I have given up looking at my boobs in the mirror, as I do not really like what I see — in clothes, they’re awesome, though!

Belly button: Still creeping towards the surface. It’s like a bowl that gets more and more shallow every day!
Energy level: Still high. Getting a lot done, but slowly. Seem to be going to bed earlier (although nothing like the 8 p.m. bedtimes of the first trimester).
Baby preparations: Dreaming about nursery design possibilities. Also emptied out the entire nursery, vacummed it, and then put the baby-related stuff back in the center of the room. It’s all set for Darling Husband to patch holes on his next day off, and then we can actually paint it on Saturday!!! Eek!!!
Cravings: Still fruit, especially grapes and orange juice. Got back on a smoothie kick this week, too. The experts say your body craves the foods it needs — does mine really need sugar and vitamin C or something?

High point: Trying to feel Little Baby’s kicks from the outside. I have not yet felt an actual POW! to my hand, but I think I can feel movement in general. Am I spooking him/her with my hand? I try to do it slowly when I feel kicking, but the kicking always stops once my hand is there. Kick me, dammit — and then kick your daddy, so he really believes you’re in there!

Low point: General weepiness a few times, over nothing important. Like literally nothing important. On Tuesday because the chicken wrap I’d made was disgusting, and I cried while I ate it because I felt like such a bad cook.

Paranoid moment of the week: Nothing major, but sometimes I wonder if Little Baby is kicking regularly enough. You don’t need to start doing “kick counts” until Week 28, but I think it’s natural to wonder if your baby is “behind” … and then start fearing horrible things, like maybe-the-cord-is-wrapped-around-its-neck-already-and-it-can’t-move-and-those-weak-little-kicks-are-signs-that-its-struggling!

3 Comments on “Weekly re-cap

  1. Welcome to the 23rd week! Almost to the third trimester!

    FYI, my doc told me until Week 32, that you don't have to do true kick counts, as they can still be pretty sporadic. He said a sign of a healthy baby is that if by dinner time you've felt 10 movements/kicks. Doesn't matter if they're all at one time or throughout the day. After week 32 you should try and lie down for an hour and feel 10 movements (and every swish, kick, etc. counts) in an hour. If you haven't felt 10 in an hour, go into a second hour. If you haven't felt 10 by the end of the second hour, then call your doc. But most babies will give you the 10 movements in the first hour (mine usually gives them to me in about 10 minutes!) And, just like us “bigger people” on the outside, babies have lazy days too..


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