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Babies on the move

This column was originally written for Bedford magazine in the summer of 2011. *** I was sitting on the airplane, a few years back, puzzling over the woman walking slowly up and down the aisle. She had a toddler in front of her, and… Continue Reading “Babies on the move”

The end of naptime

We’ve had some major schedule shake-ups in our house over the past couple of weeks. The kids spent a week at (morning-only) day camp, which was awesome because I could work uninterrupted for three full hours. But it also caused problems because Darling Husband… Continue Reading “The end of naptime”

Kids + weddings

I’m a big fan of weddings, possibly (probably?) because I didn’t really have one, myself. I just wrapped up working on two pieces for wedding-themed issues of six newspapers, where I got to write about two fun topics: adding local flair to a wedding,… Continue Reading “Kids + weddings”