Nooooooo! The era of toddler destruction

We’ve been battling this for over a year now, but it’s showing no signs of slowing down just yet.
It started a year ago, Christmas Eve, when C flipped herself out of her playpen on the night before her 20-month birthday. Items were wrecked, freedom was joyfully seized.
After month upon months of destroying her bedroom, she’s now graduated to items outside of her bedroom … 
Exhibit A (while I was on a night-time conference call, and she was supposed to be sleeping)

Exhibit B (during naptime, I was was working … and she was supposed to be sleeping)

Exhibit C (right after I had painted her nails nicely, and stupidly stepped into the kitchen to make lunch)

Oh, did I mention this has all taken place within the last WEEK?!

  • Put things up high, you say? She climbs. She uses step-stools. 
  • Put things behind child-locks, you say? She can open them.
  • Put a child-lock on her bedroom door, you say? She can open it.
  • Put a baby-gate across her bedroom door, you say? Ha! Haaaaaaaaa! (Over she goes)
  • WELL, FINE, how about putting her bedroom doorknob on backwards with the lock on the outside?! We did. She figured out that if she shimmies it enough, the door will open with the lock intact.


We’ve been through this with D, who is now a reasonably (mostly) calm four-year-old. We keep asking ourselves when he finally came out of this Phase of Destruction, and the answer seems to be “three years old.”

C turns three at the very end of April, so we’ve got a few months left of nail polish up to the knuckles, Redken hair wax all over the bedroom carpet, and absolutely none of our possessions being safe.

It’s a good thing she’s cute.



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