Kids + weddings

I’m a big fan of weddings, possibly (probably?) because I didn’t really have one, myself.
I just wrapped up working on two pieces for wedding-themed issues of six newspapers, where I got to write about two fun topics: adding local flair to a wedding, and whether or not children belong at weddings.
Trevor Allen (easily the most incredible photographer I’ve seen in action) had a great tip about how to get amazing local shots (at landmarks, beaches, along the coast, etc.) without messing up the timeline of your big day: 
Read the article here!

If you’re worried about squeezing in all of your photos between the ceremony and the reception or you’re dreaming of a Maritime-y shot that involves a few hours of travel time — Allen says many photographers will be happy to take you out a few days after the wedding.  

“It’s actually my favourite shoot to do, because we don’t have to worry about getting grass stains on the dress, or rushing off to the reception — we can just play,” says Allen. “They probably don’t have time to go to Lunenburg for photos on their wedding day, but we can go another day to get some relaxed shots that really incorporate Maritime flair.”

Read the full article on how to add local flair to your wedding.


For my weekly “The Mom Scene” column, I stuck with the issue’s theme and wrote about whether or not little children really belong at weddings. I’m firmly in the “Nope,” camp, at least when babies, toddlers, and preschoolers are concerned.  

Read the full column here!

Of course, jonesing for my baby only lasted about three minutes into the ceremony, when it became clear that small children and weddings do not mix. I didn’t have to miss the vows because I was pacing the halls with a crying kid, or shush them and worry if I was disturbing the other guests. 

I was even more grateful to be child-free for the evening at the reception, as I watched the couple passing their son back and forth so they could take turns eating. I’m sure my husband and I had bruises on our sides by the end of the night, as we continually nudged each other to say “I am so glad we didn’t bring the baby. Can you imagine if we’d brought the baby?”

Read the full column on whether or not children belong at weddings.


My only hands-on wedding experience was with Best Friend’s wedding (the year after ours). I was the Matron of Honour a.k.a. Project Manager of The Big Day a.k.a. That Crazy Girl Chasing Us with Lists and Spreadsheets and Itineraries.

(To those of you who thought I was nuts leading up to her big day — and, well, certainly ON the big day, as well — I would like to point out that the entire day went perfectly)

There are probably brides out there who would happily have me as a Matron of Honour so I can keep everybody else in check. Hmmm. Matron for Hire?


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