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How we’re tackling our daugher’s (constantly) messy room

When I picked up a pair of tights with a gummy lollipop stick attached to one leg, I was annoyed at her messy room. Then I found the candy wrappers — she’s not allowed to eat in her bedroom! — and the chewed-up wad… Continue Reading “How we’re tackling our daugher’s (constantly) messy room”

KonMari for kids

How do you get a three-year-old to tell you which of their picture books sparks joy? Is a five-year-old capable of deciding if they feel happy in one particular shirt over another? Those are a few of the questions that are not answered in… Continue Reading “KonMari for kids”

The tidying really is life-changing

For the second time in, like, a couple of months, a book has totally changed my life. I’m not at all dramatic. (The first book was The Fringe Hours, which is absolutely amazing and a must-read, FYI.) It all started when I saw an… Continue Reading “The tidying really is life-changing”