The tidying really is life-changing

For the second time in, like, a couple of months, a book has totally changed my life. I’m not at all dramatic.

(The first book was The Fringe Hours, which is absolutely amazing and a must-read, FYI.)

It all started when I saw an intriguing Instagram post from Emily over at Imperfect. My house was a wreck (seriously) and I felt completely overwhelmed with STUFF, so it was like a sign …

I needed to find out more abotu this #KonMarimethod, whatever the heck it was!

It’s actually The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, a “best-selling guide to decluttering your home” from a Japanese cleaning consultant named Marie Kondo.

I grabbed the Kobo (not Kondo) giftcard that’s been in my wallet since Christmas, ran for the iPad, and clickety-click downloaded the book two nights ago.

The very first night, I read the introduction and the first chapter, which is on clothing. Then I darted upstairs to the bedroom (Darling Husband was working), and started attacking my dresser and the closet.


I tackled more of it again last night, and I can already see why the word “life-changing” is in the title of the book. Honestly.

There is something HEAVY about having too much stuff. It weighs you down in life. Even though I’m very organized, and I really do have a place for everything, ORGANIZING is not ENOUGH. If you have too much crap in your house, it doesn’t matter if it’s labelled or neatly in bins. It’s still too much!

Even though I regularly “purge” clothing, I had been doing it wrong my entire life. I had been asking those typical questions of “Do I wear this?” or “Have I worn this in the last two years?” I was keeping things just because they were expensive, or because they were gifts, or because I *might* someday need it.

Marie Kondo’s way is to pick up each item, look at it, and ask yourself one question: Does this spark joy?

Yes, I know it sounds hokey, but it is REMARKABLE. Suddenly I was tossing shirts I’d worn recently, without the guilt, because I didn’t like the way they looked, fit, or felt.

I was tossing items I’d been holding onto for years, without the guilt, because they had served a purpose and now their purpose was done.

I was tossing tiny pairs shorts that I know probably won’t fit me again, because seeing them depressed me — and really, I think they were too short/young for me anyway.

GONE! GONE! GONE! I was giddy as the pile grew.

Tonight will be the third night of my little project. My clothes are done, but I still need to tackle Darling Husband’s clothes and the kids’ clothes. That’s trickier, because I need to do Darling Husband’s purge with him, and the kids need to be far, far away before I attack their rooms.

So I think I will read the next chapter tonight, which is about books, and move onto those for now. I’m a huge book-collector and books have a lot of sentimental value to me, but I also know I have too many. They aren’t ALL meaningful, and I have to let some go.

Is anyone else obsessed with this book? Or is it just me, wild-eyed with a bunch of clear garbage bags?


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