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The kids who hate Santa … and the mom who insists on a photo every year

When this week’s The Mom Scene column was published, I was kind of expecting reader backlash like “What?! You force your kids to sit on Santa’s knee when they are CLEARLY UNCOMFORTABLE?! You negligent monster!” But I have yet to receive one comment or email… Continue Reading “The kids who hate Santa … and the mom who insists on a photo every year”

Brats without bribes? Nah, more like bribes without brats

I was worried about the latest instalment of my parenting column, The Mom Scene, because I know parents can get really uppitty about bribing — rewards, incentives, whatever you want to call it. I didn’t want people to think my kids were little brats… Continue Reading “Brats without bribes? Nah, more like bribes without brats”

There once was a child who swallowed a screw

“I ate a screw.” Life is never dull with young children, except I wish it wasn’t quite as exciting as a four-year-old swallowing a hunk of metal.

The horror of family photo shoots

“It’s going to be better than last time,” I promised nervously, clutching child-sized hangers and a bag of hair supplies. “We’re just going to go in, get it done, and get it out — no big deal. Quick and easy.” I was talking out… Continue Reading “The horror of family photo shoots”

The trouble with "Boys will be boys"

I know a mother who laughs when she tells stories about taking her three sons to Target — watching them get into wrestling matches, hurl items through the store, and scream as they chase each other around the aisles.  She has literally taken photos… Continue Reading “The trouble with "Boys will be boys"”