Category: The Mom Scene

I love my daughter … but man, I wish she’d stop this!

It started out innocently enough, with two mismatched socks. Our two-year-old daughter decided she wanted to wear socks during her nap, so she pawed through her drawers until she could locate two (very different) socks. In the process, of course, she had thrown dozens… Continue Reading “I love my daughter … but man, I wish she’d stop this!”

Dusty jeans + boots + deep-fried Oreos

Nearly three years ago, we moved from the city to the country in order to live a different kind of life. We’re happy with that decision every day, but on the days we spend traipsing around a farm in dusty jeans and boots, we’re… Continue Reading “Dusty jeans + boots + deep-fried Oreos”

Puzzles and sports bore me, but you should see me act out a Playmobil scene!

One of my friends recently confessed she felt guilty because she never played Playmobil with her son — whereas I, um, name all of our Playmobil figures and probably play it more than most children. But she is way better than me about playing… Continue Reading “Puzzles and sports bore me, but you should see me act out a Playmobil scene!”

Me, myself, and Kathleen Kelly

Every year in late August, I start channeling Kathleen Kelly from You’ve Got Mail, and waxing poetically about bouquets of freshly-sharpened pencils. Glossy duotangs! Packages of crisp white looseleaf! Brand-new boxes of crayons with perfectly-pointed wax tips!  I can’t believe I’ll be taking one… Continue Reading “Me, myself, and Kathleen Kelly”

Kiddie parties, chevron walls, and making mom-friends

When I’m not hanging out around Laptops to Lullabies, wiping kiddie bums, or watching old TV shows on Netflix (Darling Husband and I just started season two of 24 — we’re kinda behind the times), I’m usually working at my “afternoon” job — writing… Continue Reading “Kiddie parties, chevron walls, and making mom-friends”