Advent calendar drama

Who knew a $3 piece of cardboard with crappy little chocolates inside could cause such a big fuss?!

Last year was D’s first experience with an advent calendar. He was 17/18 months at the time, and he was just pretty thrilled to get a chocolate every day. He cried at first when he realized he was only getting one, but he got over it quickly.

This year, D is 29 months old. On the first day, he happily ripped off the little cardboard door I pointed to, and pulled out his chocolate square. Then when I started to put the calendar back, he lost it.

That tantrum was epic. It was 12 minutes long!

He alternated screaming “Up dere! Up dere!” (pointing to the top of the hutch, where I’d stashed the calendars) and “Choc-it! Choc-it!” along with “Can-der! Can-der!” (calendar). Putting him in time-out didn’t even slow him down.

Eventually, his tears faded away, but we’ve had a smaller-scale repeat every morning since. Merry Christmas to me, huh?

He’s even getting creative about it. Today, he started asking for “robot can-der” (Darling Husband’s calendar is a Star Wars theme with one of those white Storm Trooper — I can’t believe I know that –things on the front).

He insisted on bringing Daddy his “can-der” and *surprise, surprise* Darling Husband gave him the chocolate, because he doesn’t care about such (AWESOME) things.

So now I’m worried that tomorrow he’s not only going to freak out over his own “can-der,” but now freak out over Darling Husband’s “can-der,” too!

I think next year I’m making a homemade advent calendar that ONLY has that day’s prizes in it. Then we won’t have to deal with this multi-door advent calendar drama.


Do you use advent calendars in your family? What kind works best for toddlers?

2 Comments on “Advent calendar drama

  1. This is hilarious! I think of it every morning when I open my own advent calendar … especially this morning because it was my favourite type of chocolate behind the little door and so I wanted to eat my boyfriend's chocolate too …


  2. We have a felt advent calendar with a pocket for each day. I bought it, but it could easily be crafted. M and I used to put treats in the pockets, like mini candy canes and peanut butter cups. You could put little toys in it or even love notes.


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