Back into the booth

Regular readers will remember that our two-year-old son, D, has hearing loss.

*** Long story short: he has “gluey” fluid in his ears that is preventing his eardrums from vibrating, and no one can be sure how long it’s been there. He is speech-delayed and currently uses American Sign Language (which he totally rocks at). He is scheduled to get tube surgery on Aug. 15. ***

So while we wait for his surgery, there isn’t much to do except keep signing, keep encouraging spoken words, and … well, just wait around for Aug. 15.

D’s speech has definitely improved in the last month or so. He’s picked up some new words, and is babbling a lot more than ever before.

Updated list of his current words and how he says them (at 25 months old) — bold indicates it’s new word since our last update:

  • Yeah
  • Yes (Yeth)
  • No
  • More (Mo)
  • Help (Haaaaalp)
  • Purple (Pullpull)
  • Blue (Boooo)
  • Green (Geeee)
  • Two (Tooooo)
  • Four (Foaaaaa)
  • Five (Fiiiiiiie)
  • All done (Alllldunnn)
  • Up (Ahhhhh)
  • Oh no/I know (we’re not sure which it is)
  • Baby (Beeee)
  • Mama
  • Dada
  • Sissy
  • Baby (Baybeeee)
  • Ooooh (Lu — his grandmother)
  • Nan (other grandmother)
  • Pa (my dad)
  • Go
  • Stop (Staaaah)
  • Bubbles (Bubba)
  • Ball
  • Hammer (Hamma)
  • Saw (Ahhsawwww)
  • Elmo (Ah-mo)
  • Map
  • Show
  • Zoodles (“Zoo” — name of his favourite app)
  • Apple (Ah-pull)
  • Banana (Nannan)
  • Cookie (Ccccuk)
  • Candy (Keeeeey)
  • Pancake (Ah-cack)
  • Milk (Muck)
  • Water (Wawa)
  • Juice (Juuuuuuu)
  • You’re welcome (Ah-com)
  • Nose (Noe)
  • What’s that? (Wassat?)
  • Hi
  • Bye (Bahhh)
  • Hug
  • Poo
  • Soother (Suuuuuu)

We got a call from the hearing/speech centre to bring D in for his follow-up hearing test — the one they ordered after he failed the very first hearing test.

It seemed kind of pointless, since he’s already scheduled to get tubes, but we were very willing to bring him anyway — if anything, to make sure he doesn’t get bumped off the list for speech therapy, which he’ll need after the tube surgery.

So on July 4, we drove a little more than an hour to a different hearing/speech centre. D happily played with kids in the waiting room, and tolerated the audiologist doing a few tests in his ears (he fussed for a second, but I think he’s just used to it now).

They said his eardrums were totally flat during the original test, but now were showing a tiny bit of movement, which is great! We took him into the sound booth — this one was larger and not quite as creepy as the original one — and I definitely noticed a difference in his responses. He seemed to notice more of the sounds this time, and the audiologist agreed.

In the end, she said he still does have the hearing loss. But now it’s more “mild” — whereas last time it was on the high end towards “moderate.” He’ll still need the tube surgery, of course, but now this will give them a good reference for when he’s re-checked (on Sept. 4) after the tubes are in place.

The surgery is one month and one week away. I can’t stop thinking about how it might change everything for D, and how he’ll adjust to being able to hear everything so clearly. I hope he doesn’t mind my horrible singing voice 🙂

So what do you think?

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