Easy as 1,2,3?

I feel like all of a sudden, D is really “learning” things. And by things, I mean colours, numbers, and letters.

In reality, he’s been learning his colours for months now (and had slowwwwly been grasping the signs for each — mainly everything was “boo” (blue) though).

Now, though, I can point to colours and ask him what they are, and he’ll tell me! He always signs it, and usually will try to say the word, too. Sometimes he even points at a colour — my shirt, a diaper, etc. — and just tell me the colour. And of course, I’m like WHAT A GENIUS OMGGG!

But the letters and numbers! This is all very new and exciting. So far he calls every letter “O” or “E,” but the numbers are coming along swimmingly. I feel like I’m constantly quizzing him because I’m so excited.

Here’s a typical exchange:

Me: Let’s count! Yay! ONE …
D: Uhhhhnnnn.
Me: TWO.
D: Toooooooo.
D: Feeeeeeee.
D: Fohhhhh.
D: Fihhhhhh.
Me: SIX.
D: Sihhhh.
D (pauses): Sss *mumbling*
D: Ayyyyyyye.
D: Nyyyyyye.
Me: TEN!
D: Tehhh!

He stretches out each letter (which I’m not sure is related to his hearing loss or not?) and is getting pretty good at repeating them.

But if I ask him to count on his own? Or if he just starts to “count something” on his own? Um …

D: Tooooo. Fohhhhh … Tooooo. Fohhhhhh.

Why does he just say “two” and “four”? Um, totally my fault. It’s because of cheerleading, you see.

My mom does this cute thing called baby exercises, where you sort of pump their legs in a bicycling motion and chant along with it. She did it with me and Little Sis when we were babies, and I always do it with D and C.

It goes: “Two, four, six, eight! Who do we appreciate? D—-! C—-! Gooooo team!”

So, yes, I am 100% to blame for my son’s, er, preference for counting like a cheerleader. It started happening not long after I started doing the chant with C.

I tried to undo my damage by singing “One! Two! Three! Four! Who are the kids that we adore?” but no dice.

Sorry for confusing you, D. But at least you’re a shoo-in for the junior high cheerleading team someday, right?

2 Comments on “Easy as 1,2,3?

  1. D seems unable to start with “one,” haha. Every single time, he starts with “twoooooo …”

    Yesterday he was proceeding pretty well into “Feeeeeeeee” instead of going straight to “Fouhhhhh” — so that's some progress!


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