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The backwards fabric hack

If you find a paint swatch you like, look for a more greyed-out version and it’s probably going to be even nicer. Strangely enough, you can almost do the same thing with fabric, all by turning it over and using the other side! I… Continue Reading “The backwards fabric hack”

Super easy quilt top for beginners

Whenever I share pictures of a quilt I’ve sewn, I hear a lot of “OMG I could never do that!” or questions about HOW I EVER LEARNED how to make quilts. They are a project that seems to baffle most people who have never… Continue Reading “Super easy quilt top for beginners”

Converting an awkward space to a cozy reading nook

Converting an awkward nook to a cozy reading space {Heather's Handmade Life}

Some of the split-level houses on our street share the same cool feature: a strange nook set into the walls of one of the bedrooms. I’ve noticed it in a few friends’ houses and I’m always intrigued by it. (Our house has a disappointing… Continue Reading “Converting an awkward space to a cozy reading nook”