DIY stage backdrop for our little performer

Now, a good blogger would refrain from posting photos until AFTER Christmas so they could stage it nicely with their child. 
But (I’m impatient) I couldn’t wait to show you this easy-to-build DIY stage backdrop, in case you’re still thinking about making a handmade Christmas gift for your own little performer.
IT WAS SERIOUSLY SO EASY. I built the whole thing in about 30 minutes, maybe, and had it painted and ready with the curtains all in a single afternoon/evening.
So here’s the quick-and-dirty how-to …

I had a wooden dowel leftover from another project, and it was three feet long, so that’s how wide I decided to make the backdrop.

The rest of backdrop is built with three 1×2″ boards from Kent (each six feet long). That’s it! Each board is $3.30 so the framework is about $10. Pretty great!

Here’s how it looked right before I applied the paint! (I left the dowel off until the end, since I needed to screw it in place AFTER hanging the curtains on it.)
While I waited for the paint to dry, I sewed two curtain panels (so C can appear from “backstage” when she starts her performance) and that was the most time-consuming part by FAR.
Each panel needed to be 53″ tall and my sparkly fabric wouldn’t have been thick enough to support grommets, so I added a top border AND a leopard print ruffle. 
Oh, and of course I wanted the curtains to look good on both sides so the backdrop could be reversible. 
Here’s the light purple + pink side … 
And here’s the dark pink + black side!
(I keep going back and forth on which side is my favourite.)
I wrapped the frame with twinkly lights, quickly set up her new microphone (as mentioned in this post) and added the “Something You Want” and “Something You Need” wooden gift tags before taking a couple of pictures and hiding everything in my closet under a sheet. 

I plan on setting it all up on Christmas Eve, once the kids are asleep, so C sees her brand-new popstar “stage” when she comes down on Christmas morning. I know she’s going to love it!

So who’s inspired to build one now? Let me know if you do — I want to see photos!

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